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Adrian Schiess

Convinced that painting as such had become impossible, Adrian Schiess began at the beginning of the 1980s to work on a concept of the image that is permeated by a continuous questioning of painting and the process of its creation. In this early period, the artist creates his first scrap paintings – arbitrarily torn or cut out fragments of cardboard and pieces of wood that have been covered to different degrees with paint. This fragmentary character can also be found in his large flat works, which are made of aluminum composite panels that have been sprayed with a special lacquer in various colors or color combinations. This gives the panels a perfectly smooth color surface that mirrors their surroundings and the reflections in their surroundings. The images that are projected are elusive, changing as the viewer’s perspective changes and as the variables in the surroundings change, an effect that prompts viewers to navigate their way around the works. This type of painting creates images, which arise from the interplay of the color surfaces and the reflections of the momentary surroundings. The images are thereby neither static nor do they assert a claim to completeness. The artist regards each of his panels as an excerpt from a vast, ungraspable, ceaselessly changing and expanding image, corresponding to the artist’s need to gain a perspective on the world.

Born in Zurich in 1959, lives and works in Zurich.