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Christopher Muller

The photographic works of Christopher Muller show objects that we know all too well from our everyday lives. In his early works, these ever-so-familiar things appear lined up in front a neutral, white wall: we find an umbrella leaning as a matter of course next to a shovel, a lamp standing on equal footing with a folding chair and a garbage barrel located under a stool. These captured actors in the cause of utility have been extracted from the places of their use and cast an extraordinary bodily presence in the image space. Christopher Muller works with his camera like a classic still-life painter: commonplace and unassuming objects of daily utility are gathered together and portrayed in an elaborate process of arrangement. This arrangement and their photographing by the artist imbue them with a significance that they would otherwise not have. This enables one to detect external correspondences such as color, form, material and size that are independent of the original function. Formal characteristics that play no role from the perspective of our everyday lives, and certainly not in the context of their use, enable not only the production of an image of things, but another view of the world of things.

Born in Stade in 1966, Christopher Muller lives and works in Düsseldorf and London.