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The collection

On the possibilities of an image

“. . . because collecting does not mean to amass, but to select.”
(Martin Bodmer)

The maintenance and expansion of the Ege Art and Culture Foundation’s collection is the focus of the museum work carried out at Kunstraum Alexander Bürkle. Since the 1990s, the image as such has been the key to the Foundation’s collection concept, which accounts for works of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and video. The guiding question in this regard is: What possibilities will an image have if it is no longer assigned the exclusive task of representing reality. 

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A concentration on abstract, monochrome painting served as a starting point for this examination. Meanwhile, radical painting, a transatlantic painting movement that emerged at the beginning of the 1980s and that focused on an analysis of the expressive capacity of the medium, can be described as the core of the collection. Renowned artists such as Marcia Hafif, Joseph Marioni, Phil Sims and Günter Umberg are represented with significant works. Augmented by numerous works by Peter Tollens, Dieter Villinger, Marc Angeli, Martina Klein, Stephan Baumkötter, Winston Roeth and Rudolf de Crignis, the collection offers a highly compelling and representative overview of monochrome painting up until the present.

The overall focus of the collection has been further sharpened in recent years through acquisitions of minimalist works by Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Sol LeWitt and Fred Sandback. Formulated as early as the 1960s, the notion of the autonomous work of art that was embraced by these artists continues to serve as an important conceptual reference for contemporary artists. Parameters relating to material, space and color, as well as the relationship between materiality and visuality, which were introduced by the exponents of minimalist art are taken up and expanded upon by the youngest generation of artists represented in the collection, including Reto Boller, Lori Hersberger, Katrin Herzner, Freya Richter and Nikola Ukic. Other recent acquisitions in the areas of photography and video mark the beginning of an effort to close a last significant gap. Artists such as Jörg Sasse and Dieter Kiessling illustrate the degree to which the collection is oriented towards images in and of themselves – irrespective of whether they are painted, drawn, constructed, photographed or filmed. 

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