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Donald Judd

The abstract and formally reduced three-dimensional objects created by Donald Judd, a major exponent of minimalist art, belong, in Judd’s words, “neither to painting nor sculpture.” In referring to his works as <specific objects>, Judd purposefully distanced himself from a kind of artistic illusionism. With the use of materials newly developed in the 1960s for industrial purposes, such as alumium whose immanent color Judd greatly valued, Judd liberated himself from the tradition of atelier work. He relocates artistic production to modern industrial facilities in an attempt to eliminate any subjectivity associated with the production process. At the same time, he also discovered Plexiglas as a material for his works and saw in it the confirmation of his premise that material and color need to form a unity. The objectively describable structures and elementary forms in his works negate any associative functions. They define themselves exclusively via their formal relationship to the surrounding space and refer only to themselves as objects in the room. 

Born in Excelsior Springs, Missouri (USA) in 1928. He died in 1994 in New York.