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Current exhibitions

Point of View. How Images become

14 October 2018 – 13 January 2019

In times of globalization and digitalization, our life, our work and our communication are changing rapidly and in a sustainable way. With the ever-present digital image production and reproduction, especially on social networks, our use and our perception of images are also constantly changing. For the image impressions, image worlds and image contexts in front of our eyes have never been so varied and simultaneously so fleeting. If art serves as a mirror of the time, it is not surprising that artists are investigating the changes to the appearance and perception of images. The exhibition "Point of View. How Images become " combines works that aggressively present the constitution and conversion of artistic images –  thereby plumbing the present. They refer to their creation, reveal different views or temporary conditions and thus displace the visible from the level of Being to the level of Becoming. At the same time, the view of the observer, their perception and meaning, is challenged in the genesis of the image. For if a departure from statically specified (image) shapes has taken place in art, a permanently determined perception of art is then in doubt. Change is ever-present – in our everyday world and in art. Observing it means constantly discovering novelty – Seeing is a point of view!

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