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Jörg Sasse

In the framework of his work as an artist, Jörg Sasse never regards photography as a mere representation of reality. He instead moves forward to analyze the conditions of photography, i.e. both of the photographic image and its perception. At the center of this artistic reflection, we encounter questions relating to the creation of such images and their visual qualities. As a basis for his conceptual work on the image, Sasse makes use of both his own digital photographs and existing amateur photographs. The motifs of the photographs range from the commonplace to the banal and are drawn from all imaginable areas of life. Sasse has been using digital techniques to process his works since the beginning of the 1990s. However, the computer processing aspect of the work is not regarded as a manipulation or distortion of the original image, but as an expansion of the photographic work that establishes the very conditions of the image autonomy that Sasse is tracking. This processing, which irretrievably extinguishes the reference to reality that is typical of photography, modifies the original colors and forms and ultimately converts them into individual pixel structures on the surface. Space and depth are thereby transformed of a sudden into a pure (projection) surface. This relative blurring gives rise to an independent, abstract reality in the image that is, when compared to a conventional photograph, both timeless and self-referential. 

Born in Bad Sulzuflen in 1962, lives and works in Berlin.