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Katrin Herzner

Katrin Herzner regards her artistic work generally as a process that may extend over a long period of time. A kind of nomadic way thinking and acting is reflected in the essence of her work, and this also has a hand in shaping her concept of the work. One good example of this can be seen in her work entitled “Eine Decke machen“ (Making a Blanket), which is composed of a weaving loom Herzner has assembled from a variety of discarded artifacts. The creative process is by no means complete at the beginning of an exhibition. On the contrary, this process is carried forward on location, quite in keeping with the notion of a “work in progress”. This means that it is not only the result – a woven blanket hung up like a picture on the wall of the exhibition room – that is portrayed, but the entire creative process that leads to this object. The artist essentially visualizes the material work of art as something born of a process that is never really complete. In addition to its intended temporary nature, a further characteristic of this art is its mobile structure. The installation is not bound to a certain place and appears to be in need no particular setting for its presentation. On the contrary, the work’s exhibition – i.e. in the present case at an art institute – converts the space in which it is exhibited. Herzner can thereby be seen as working in the context of an art movement that has transformed the “white cube” into a social space in which continuing processes and relationships are visualized, i.e. exhibited, and no material objects that have been produced or selected by artists are shown.

Born in Düsseldorf in 1979.