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Max Cole

As in her paintings, Max Cole also forgoes the use of traditional composition in her drawings from the early 1960s onwards. Each image is composed of horizontal and vertical lines that Cole executes in a meditative artistic process. Given that all of the elements are drawn by hand, the beholder’s first impression, i.e. that the works must have been produced by a technical process of great mechanical precision, is deceptive. On the contrary, the works are rendered without the use of mathematical calculations or the application of some other accurate system of arrangement. Guided by artistic intuition, Cole creates drawings that distinguish themselves in terms of the simultaneity of a linear structure’s strict rhythm and the inconspicuous irregularities of the individual lines. Despite the variations within a drawing, the basic repetition of the structures gives viewers a sense of an endlessness extension beyond the borders of the physical work. Like a view of a distant horizon where heaven and earth appear to meet in a narrow, indeterminate line, the real and the unfathomable meet in the artist’s works.

Born in Kansas (USA) in 1937, Max Cole lives and works in Somerset, California (USA).