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Richard Long

Richard Long’s repertoire of forms is very easy to describe because the English artist limits himself in his works, which are made of natural materials such as stone and wood, to two forms: the circle as a symbol of the endlessness of nature and the line, which alludes to the path and the duration of the land artist’s extensive journeys throughout the world. While the stone or wood sculptures he creates in nature during the course of his long walks are temporary, being frequently removed or left to the elements after their photographic documentation, his sculptures at exhibition institutions represent permanent installations. In the words of Long, “There are millions of stones in the  world, and when  I  make a sculpture, all  I do is just take a few of those stones and bring them together and put them in a circle and show you. So as well as finding the right place, you can also bring things together, hopefully in the right way, and say this is what the world is made of. This is a microcosm. This is one way to look at the world. This is my position.“ 

Born in Bristol (GB) in 1945, lives and works in Bristol.