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Winston Roeth

The process by which the works of Winston Roeth are created is not necessarily accessible at first glance. The artist uses tempera and often applies it to a base material with a very hard surface. As we see in the works of Rudolf de Crignis and Phil Sims, the matt color surfaces are applied in an extensive series of layers. These layers take shape as the artist continues to brush the considerably diluted pigment until it has dried. Painting for Winston Roeth is thereby a long and careful process in which the color is allowed to evolve through the continuous application of paint. A further distinctive element in Roeth’s work is the way in which he sometimes frames his paintings by applying pigment with a sponge to the borders, essentially allowing the images to become self-contained wholes, bordered not only by the wall, but by the entire room. The physical border of the image marked out by Winston Roeth becomes significant in its own right, organizing the image space in a way that determines the category of the image, a part of its identity. It is a sensory fact, which helps to determine the impact of the color surface and the nature of the image as an aesthetic form.

Born in Chicago in 1945, Winston Roeth lives and works in Beacon, New York and Waldoboro, Maine (USA).